From a distance, my art looks a bit different. The moment you peer closer you’ll see why written – literally – all over it.

I began “arting”, as I say, from the time I first held a pencil. My natural tendency is toward the technical arts, something the  very technically skilled Selah High School art teacher, Mr. Pace, saw right away.

When I took my first “intro to art” class, I was bull headed and snobbish.  By my third “intro to art” class I relished the challenges he threw at me: using negative space to draw crumpled printer paper on a white surface, glasses full of water, and tackling any medium that was available. By the fourth “intro to art” I’d gained the ability and the right to challenge myself with whatever I pleased.

Pace was fond of creating what sells: something with meaning for the target audience. Then it hit me: if a pictures are meaningful, and words are meaningful, a picture made out of words would hold even more meaning!

My first three projects were very different. The first one taught me that the words you use matter and that people will attempt to read them. The next showed me how meaningful placement can be. By the third I’d discovered the straight lines of writing that remain dominant in my technique.

I graduated from Selah in 2010. By then I had a grasp on my technique and that ink would now be my medium of choice and micrography my niche. In 2013 I married a Prosser native and joined the amazing community. It wasn’t until the birth of my son in August 2017 that I decided to put this niche to work supporting my family and went to work getting to know the local artist community and getting my name out at different venues, including the Prosser Farmer’s Market, where you can still see me most Saturdays.